Reinforcement of e-Governance in the Danube Region

20th February 2015 • Ljubljana, Slovenia


Effective digital government (or e-government) strategies are an important tool for countries seeking to maintain public trust, restore economic growth and long-term sustainability. They improve public sector performance, leveraging the power of innovation to build and maintain trust in government services.

The conference will focus on e-government innovation of policy makers and practitioners in the Danube region and challenges e-government implementers are facing. You will be able to learn about e-government effort and best practices of EUSDR countries, cities and regions.

The overall objective of the conference is to increase visibility of the digital agenda in the Danube Region. The public administrations need to be empowered to be able to provide efficient and effective services for its citizens, buisnesses, cities and regions. To do that, collaborative approach to sharing information and lessons among stakeholders and across borders is essential.

Target Audience

Public administrations (central governments, municipalities and cities), NGOs, academia, ICT companies, and other EUSDR stakeholders.

This conference is financed by EU funds. Participation is free of charge.