EU Strategy for the Danube Region, State of Play
Csaba Hende, DG Regio, European Commission

Challenges for Capacity Building and Development in the Danube Region, the Role of Macro Regions
Andreja Jerina, National Coordinator, EU macro regions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia

South East Europe 2020: Job and Prosperity in a European Perspective
Nand Shani, Regional Cooperation Council

A European Commission Vision for Public Sector Modernisation
dr. Zoran Stančič, DG Connect, European Commission

ICT Driven Innovation and Modernisation of Public Administration, the Case of Slovenia
dr. Alenka Žužek Nemec, Ministry of Public Administration, Slovenia

ICT Driven Innovation and Modernisation of Public Administration, the Case of Moldova
Cornelia Amihalachioae, e-Government Center, Moldova

Empirical Analysis of Public ICT Development Project Objectives in Hungary
Andras Nemeslaki, National University of Public Service, Hungary

ReSPA Regional Comparative e-Government Study
Vladan Kojanić, member of ReSPA network on eGovernment, Serbia

e-Estonia: Strategic Decisions for Success
Nele Leosk, e-Governance Academy, Estonia

Participatory Democracy as Substance of e-Governance
Simon Delakorda, INePA – Institute for Electronic Participation, Slovenia

From paper to e-Governance: e-Government reality check from a German perspective
Robert Müller-Török,University of Public Administration and Finance Ludwigsburg, Germany

Cities as Generators of Smart and Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development: the Case of Ljubljana
Miran Gajšek, City of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Danube Region Urban Platform
Jörg Mirtl, EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Priority Area 10, City of Vienna, Austria

Smart City as a Data City: Taking us Back to the Future?
Julia Glidden, 21c Consultancy, UK

Taking Public Sector education to the 21st Century: ERP Systems and the Public Sector
Alexander Prosser, University of Economics and Business Administration Vienna, Austria

Smart City Platform: Enabler of Sustainable Development of Cities in the Danube Region
Blaž Golob, GoForeSight Institute / SmartIScity, Slovenia