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    Supporting stakeholders in achieving prosperity and promoting development towards just world.

    The Millennium Project Node for SE Europe & Slovenia
    Organiser of Ljubljana Forum on Future of Cities
    Organiser of Bled Forum on Europe
    Knowledge Concept Design Partner of CeGD
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    GFS Institut, Institut for geostrategic, legal and futures studies & consulting, Registration number 6064582000; tax number: SI44522282, Address Cesta na Kurešček 46, 1292 Ig, Slovenia, EU, Chairman of GFS Blaž Golob, Contact: blaz.golob@goforesight.eu  

  • About Foresight

    What is Foresight?

    Foresight is a participatory vision building, strategy designing and action supporting process.

    Foresight is a future-oriented policy approach that includes future oriented thinking, priority setting and long-term planning. Participation of various stakeholders in this process is crucial.

    Why use foresight?

    The aim of using foresight is to improve decision-making by enhanced inclusion of interested stakeholders.

    Complex social, technological, scientific, environmental issues require participatory approach through networking and knowledge gathering to enable us to tackle future challenges proactively.

  • Activities

    Knowledge concept design
    Smart City Platforms, Cities of the Future, Digital Entrepreneurship
    ...for conferences, seminars, study visits, workshops, trainings:
    - Agenda setting,
    - Sessions design,
    - Identification of relevant speakers, institutions and target groups,
    - Connecting public & private & civil society,
    - Identification of good practice cases,
    - Summary reports.

    Research & Legal Advocacy
    ...on demand study & applied research on:
    - EU affairs,
    - Information society,
    - Governance,
    - Cloud Computing and Open Data,
    - eGovernment, eHealth, eDemocracy and eLearning.

    Strategic Consulting

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  • Reports
    Urbani Forum: Pametna mesta za trajnostni razvoj Slovenije in zeleno rast. Ogled poročila

    Reinforcement of eGovernance in the Danube Region: View Report here

    Ljubljana Forum 2014 Summary Report on Future of cities: The City, Sustainable-Smart-Inclusive. View Report here

    15th Bled Forum on Europe Summary Report 2014: Do we need a development vision for South-East Europe?

    Ljubljana Forum 2013 Summary Report on Future of cities: Managing Water & Transport in the Danube Region. View Report here

    14th Bled Forum on Europe Summary Report 2013: Europe for Africa & Africa for World.

    Ljubljana Forum 2012 Summary Report on Future of cities: Energy efficiency and being always on-line. View Report here

    Ljubljana Forum 2011 Summary Report on Future of cities: City Developers Foresight Conference European Metropolitan Growth Area 2027 View Report here
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